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AZ Common Ground  (AZCG) is a community based organization created behind the razor wire of a prison fence by three former inmates who developed a plan to provide services to men, women, and youth upon their release from prison. Possessing the unique perspective of having been ex-offenders, experiencing the difficult...

Please come and join us in celebrating our Open House on March 11, 2015. 6:30pm - 8:30pm. Take a tour of our new facility, learn about our new services. We will be serving refreshments.
Project IMPACT
Innovative Movement Proactively Against Criminal Thinking

Project I.M.P.A.C.T. focuses on individuals who have a prior criminal history who have successfully reentered into society and are living lives as productive citizens. Project I.M.P.A.C.T. seeks to acknowledge and celebrate the successes of these same individuals across the country who have made the decision to live their lives free of criminal thinking and criminal activity. This project is designed to motivate and inspire these same individuals to share their stories of success in order to:

1) Alter society’s view of former felons over all (some individuals have learned their lesson and have proactively worked to change their lives and circumstances),

2) Positively influence those currently incarcerated to adopt a self-motivating attitude to better their lives, to be accountable for past decisions, and to seek out their purpose and role in society as productive citizens,

3) Educate those currently committing criminal offenses of the impact of crime upon victims and empower youth to make positive decisions that will prevent them from adopting a life of crime.

Project IMPACT is essentially a motivational, empowering, inspiring, and influential MOVEMENT. Our objective is to raise millions of stories of success from those convicted of crimes within our country who are now living lives as productive citizens.

Our goal is to engage families, faith-based organizations, communities, and concerned neighbors who have witnessed and been a part of these same individuals’ success stories across the country.

Our goal is to focus our country’s attention on the reality that change is possible for those that are willing to change. Project IMPACT focuses on those who are willing.
IMPACT - How we meet our objectives
Utilize social media to gather and celebrate the stories of success.

Motivate and encourage each other as we move on through different stages of our lives.

Network and share information with each other to help with employment, community resources, employability and career training.

Create a forum for family and friends of those currently incarcerated who need comfort and advice during these difficult times.

We will utilize our public speaking courses in order to train individuals in the art of effective communication giving these individuals the skills to address audiences and be empowered by their ability to share their stories.

Host large events which will attract media and community attention with the intent of celebrating successes, educating, and networking opportunities.
AZ Common Ground - Project IMPACT
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