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AZ Common Ground  (AZCG) is a community based organization created behind the razor wire of a prison fence by three former inmates who developed a plan to provide services to men, women, and youth upon their release from prison. Possessing the unique perspective of having been ex-offenders, experiencing the difficult...

Please come and join us in celebrating our Open House on March 11, 2015. 6:30pm - 8:30pm. Take a tour of our new facility, learn about our new services. We will be serving refreshments.
AZCG Services
Our goal is to provide post release services for medium and high risk youth and adults returning to Maricopa County following incarceration. By utilizing evidence based practices (EBP) our mission is to track the progress of 150 medium and high risk ex-offenders over the next three years. Our purpose for such tracking is to create a model which can be replicated throughout Maricopa County to provide statistics on the decrease of recidivism. Our organization provides: evidence based case management tool, evidence based educational programming, trained mentors and work force development training.

Each potential client will be selected following our orientation process. Following acceptance, each client moves forward within the application and intake phase. Each client will be assessed using our EBP case management tool, Level of Service/Case Management Inventory (LS/CMI) is an assessment that measures the risk and need factors of late adolescent and adult offenders. The LS/CMI is also a fully functioning case management tool. This single application provides all the essential tools needed to aid professionals in the treatment planning and management of offenders in justice, forensic, correctional, prevention and related agencies.
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Attend our Monday orientations at 11 AM. Orientations are held at the AZCG office. These sessions normally last one hour.  You do not need an appointment to attend
orientation. Please arrive no earlier than ten minutes prior to 11 AM. If a particular Monday happens to be a holiday, we will hold orientation the next day on Tuesday morning at 11 AM.
Thinking for a Change
Thinking for a Change (T4C) is an integrated, cognitive behavioral change program for offenders that include: cognitive restructuring, social skills development, and development of problem solving skills. Designed for delivery to small groups in 25 lessons, the T4C program can be expanded to meet the needs of specific participant groups. Participants can include adults and juveniles or males and females. Correctional agencies can consider Thinking for a Change as one option in a continuum of interventions to address the cognitive, social, and emotional needs of their offender populations. T4C will be held twice a week, beginning in January 2014.

Motivational Interviewing
The motivational interview is defined as a client-centered, directive method for enhancing intrinsic motivation to change by exploring and resolving ambivalence. The various interpretations of the definition of this motivational approach are as follows:

•  A patient-focused approach in the Rogerian  sense, where the approach is centered on the patientís perspective, as well as on the patientís interests, values, and concerns.
•  A directive approach versus the nondirective Rogersí  approach;
•  A method of communication, designed to facilitate natural change (the patientís intrinsic motivation).
•  An approach that encourages the clinician to look for and choose suggestions that promote change.
•  An approach that encourages the clinician to explore and resolve the patientís ambivalence as the key to change (as ambivalence is often what stands in the way of action).

Community Service Work/Volunteerism
All clients are required to perform community service work and volunteering as an AZ Common Ground participant.

Workforce Development Training
Our objective is to assist our clients in learning the necessary skills to build their own resumes, perform employment searches, assist our clients in financial planning, help build self-esteem, and empower our clients with the knowledge, self-confidence, and resiliency to face rejection, and not revert back to their lifestyles of crime.

Job Placement
AZCG has been fortunate to place several of our clients in employment opportunities. Although we cannot guarantee employment for our clients, our focus is to research and reach out to employers on a daily basis, to connect our clients with employers offering opportunities to grow within their companies, and to provide employers with character-filled employees whom will be an asset to their companies.

Public Speaking 101

Engages our clients in the art of effective communication. Our objective is to raise self-esteem and challenge our students to develop their ability to communicate to any audience.
Evidence Based Programs

AZ Common Ground - Mentorship
All clients are required to be actively engaged and regularly reporting to their assigned mentor. This is a program designed to instill support and encouragement to young people currently in the South Mountain area. The mentoring classes are held on the grounds of the Phoenix Police Academy.
Phoenix Police Academy Mentor Program

CONTACT US: +1(602)914-9000
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Orientation is held at the AZCG office every Monday, with the exception of major holidays in which case orientation will be held that Tuesday at 11am.